BRISC Image Retrieval System

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  • M. Lam, T. Disney, D. Raicu, J. Furst, D. Channin. "BRISC: An Open Source Pulmonary Nodule Image Retrieval Framework." Journal of Digital Imaging. Vol 20, Supplement 1: 63-71, 2007 - (PDF)
  • T. Disney, M. Lam, D. Raicu, J. Furst, D. Channin. "A Lookup and Reference Tool for Pulmonary Computed Tomography Nodules." The 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM 2007), Providence, Rhode Island, June 2007 - (PDF)
  • M. Lam, T. Disney, M. Pham, D. Raicu, J. Furst, R. Susomboon. "Content-Based Image Retrieval for Pulmonary Computed Tomography Nodule Images." SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, San Diego, CA, February 2007 - (PDF | bibtex)


  • SIIM '07 presentation (6/8/07) - (PPT)
  • SPIE Medical Imaging '07 presentation (2/21/07) - (PPT)
  • Final MedIX presentation (8/15/06) - (PPT)


  • "Open source system aids pulmonary nodule detection." Article by Douglas Page on PACSweb. 8 Nov 2007 - (link)

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